Sling How-To: Sitting

(1) First, make sure your sling is folded in half as shown in steps (1) and (2) of the instructions for the reclining position. Then place your head and one arm through the sling so that the seam is by your hip. Make sure the open, (not folded) edge of the sling on your shoulder is facing your neck. If your baby normally sits on your right hip, put your right arm through the sling. If your baby normally sits on your left hip, put your left arm through the sling.

(2) Lift your baby through the sling head first, from the bottom. You might find it useful to rest one foot on a chair or other high surface and then sit your baby on your knee while you get the sling in position. Note: If your baby is cooperative, you can also try putting your baby in feet first, from the top, but many babies kick too much for this to be convenient.

(3) Pull the sling over your baby’s head.

(4) Lift your baby up onto your hip in your usual carrying position. Support your baby’s bottom with one hand and use the other hand to open the sling at the seam. The sling should remain folded on your shoulder.

(5) Pull the opened seam under your baby’s bottom so that the opened fabric supports the baby under the bottom and across the back. Your baby’s legs will be on either side of your body.

(6) Enjoy carrying your baby hands-free!

Note: Use sling only as directed. Improper use may result in injury. Slings are intended for use with children 2 years old or younger.