Sling: baby in reclining position

Sling: baby in sitting position

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Sling FAQs

How do I know whether my sling is too large or too small?

Reclining position: If your sling is too large, your baby will hit you in the legs as you walk, and when you bend over you will feel your baby swing well away from your body. It's ok if your baby swings away from you a little bit, but if it's more than you're comfortable with, then the sling is too large. If your sling is too large, you might also feel like the strap will slip off your shoulder. If your sling is too small, it will be difficult to get the sling on with your baby in it, and once you are wearing the sling and your baby, your baby will be very high on your chest, almost under your chin. Remember that babies do get bigger, so you want to leave a little room for your baby to grow.

Sitting position: The sling should place your baby on your hip in your usual carrying position. If the sling is too large, your baby will sit too low on your hip and will seem to be pulling away from your body. Your baby's bottom might slide out of the bottom of the sling. If the sling is too small, you might not be able to get the sling over your baby's head when your baby is sitting on your hip. If the sling is only slightly too small, you will notice that it cuts into your baby's thighs and leaves a mark after only a short period of time. You might not have enough fabric to pull around your shoulder (so the strap would be tugging at your neck rather than at the outside of your shoulder).

My baby's neck seems bent when I use the sling in the reclining position. How do I position my baby properly?

Your baby's neck should not be significantly bent (if at all). Some adjustment might be required once you have your baby in the sling and you are wearing your baby. Try sliding your hands gently under your baby's head and neck and repositioning your baby so that the neck is straight. It's also possible that your baby needs to lie flatter in the sling. Try moving your baby toward the seam by pulling gently on the baby's legs, or try sliding the sling one way or another across your shoulders.

Is it possible that my newborn is just too big to use a sling?

Absolutely not! People have gotten 2-year-olds to sleep in the reclining position. If your baby was very large or if your baby refuses to bend his or her legs, you might just need a larger sling.

Can I use the same size sling for the reclining and sitting positions?

Many people can use the same size, but there is no guarantee.

My baby doesn't seem to like the sling. He is very fussy in general and only gets fussier when I put him in the sling. But he wants to be held all the time, and I really want the sling to work. Do you have any suggestions?

If your baby likes to be held, you can get him to like the sling. It's likely that you just need to find the right moves. Fussy babies are often very particular about what positions they will tolerate. Your baby might like to have his head on a particular side (under the strap or not). He might like to be lying flat on his back, or he might prefer to be a little elevated so that he's sitting up and part of the action. He might want you to bounce or sway or even speed walk. Once you're sure your baby is in a safe and comfortable position, try walking as fast as you can in a straight line for a few minutes; your baby will probably fall asleep.

I noticed that you have a picture of a dog in a sling on your site. Do you sell pet slings?

Some customers have bought our slings for their dog or cat! We don't provide instructions specifically for using slings with pets, but if you think your animal would enjoy being carried in a sling, by all means try it! And send us pictures!